We arranged Lancaster Universities anniversary Abseil, complete with Sir Chris Bonington!!

 Urban Abseil events

Fund raising/ charity abseils are a very popular way to raise money for your organisation while experiencing the thrill of a lifetime! They are easy to organise and Highpoint will be there every step of the way, there are loads of options of unique places to abseil from, such as buildings, cliff faces, man made towers, viaducts, sports grounds, bridges and famous buildings in your local area, or you can even come to us in the Lake District and abseil from natural features and marvel in the superb Lakeland views, the great thing about organising a sponsored abseiling event, is that it not only appeals to total beginners who fancy a once in a lifetime challenge, but also to those both young and old who seek the thrill of  adventure!

Abseiling Venues

It’s up to you where you want your charity abseil to take place, with a vast range of potential venues you’re bound to find a perfect location that will attract maximum participants! We have advice sheets available that offer helpful advice and tips for finding the perfect venue to suit you.

Once a venue has been chosen we need to liaise with the building manger, and conduct a Site visit of your chosen abseil venue to see if it is suitable. We will then produce all of the relevant paperwork including a written risk assessment and method statement. Should your chosen location be unsuitable for any reason we will help you choose an alternative venue and organise everything necessary to put your plan into action!

How Many Participants do you need?

This is dependent on a large number of things; the location, access to the abseil point, the length of the abseil and most importantly the number and speed of the abseiliers themselves. We are not in the habit of packing people in , as we and our instructors pride ourselves on providing an amazing experience to each and every client, encouraging them to achieve their goals.

However we also understand that the more people that abseil the more money your event raises (and that after all is the main point of the abseil)


For us to be able to deliver an accurate cost, we would need to know how many people are expected to abseil?, where the abseiling venue would be?, would scaffolding be required? and how many ground staff would be required? (we can utilise your staff for this to keep costs down), but as a ball park figure, this is how we work it out:

1 Instructor (1:35 ratio)

1 set of ropes (1 static abseil rope and 1 safety rope)

All safety and technical equipment for 35 people (Helmets and harnesses)

Sir Chris Bonington Abseiling down the Bowland Tower, Lancaster.

Organising the Charity Abseil

Organising a fundraising abseil event is simple! To give you an idea of the process we have broken it down into the following steps…

1. Finding a Venue– firstly we need you to find a venue for your abseil,   buildings, cliff faces, man made towers, viaducts, sports grounds, bridges and famous buildings in your local area, buildings, cliff faces, man made towers, viaducts, sports grounds, bridges and famous buildings in your local area are all ideal, If you need any help or advice we have information sheets available with useful tips on how you can find the best location for your charity abseil.

2. Photos-
once you have found your venue we require a range of photos of the top of the building, the abseil face and the landing area.

3. Feedback- we then look through these photos to check the suitability of the venue for your abseil.

4. Site Visit-
after this we then conduct a site visit in order to carry out a risk assessment and draw up a method statement. (Please see below for pricing for the site visit.)

5. Start Advertising – We can provide advertising and marketing PDF sheets that you can print out and use.

6. The Abseil for bookings we require a 50% deposit with full payment no later than 30 days prior to the start date. The event itself will run as per our method statement.

Unavoidable Extra Costs:

Site Visit, Risk Assessment & Method Statement. £250 + travelling expenses and accommodation if required.

Scaffold Take off. (Costs TBA) Depending on what we would be abseiling off, we may need to have a scaffold take off platform built, this can be arranged by Highpoint or you can arrange yourself.

Ground staff

Although all of our instructors are first aid trained, their main focus is the safety of the abseiliers and making sure nothing goes wrong in the first place. For big events with a large number of abseilers we encourage you to utilise your own staff as ground crew(All done under our supervision). Alternativily we can provide such ground staff if required at a cost of £150 pp.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously but with common sense in mind. We run a huge range of activities in hazardous environments including providing safety services to the television and film industry. All of our staff are first aid trained and qualified abseiling instructors. Where required our senior instructor is either an MIA or MIC award holder, We also hold an AALA licence which ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices, these should allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks of death or disabling  injury.


We hold £5 million public and product liability and employers liability as standard.

What we provide:

Fully qualified and highly experienced instructors

All safety and technical equipment

PDF versions of Sponsorship forms and Marketing material

More Information

For more info on how to organise a charity abseil, The British Mountaineering Council have a useful page on their website explaining how to set up and run a sponsored abseiling event.

Please contact us if you have any questions or require any information that is not covered on this page.